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Xtreme 43 teeth pulley spare Belt

Xtreme 43 teeth pulley spare Belt
Xtreme 43 teeth pulley spare Belt
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Xtreme 43 teeth pulley spare Belt
Reservedel til ESK005
With this faster ratio, the tail rotor is rotating faster and generate a bigger wind force the yaw or drift of the tail when throttle up is greatly reduced, it is a must get upgrade of king 2. This pulley must used with the longer belt provided. Maybe you already discovered that the stock tail rotor gear ratio of king 2 is not fast enough. It is only 1 to 3.2 (32t belt pulley and a 10t tail rotor gear). That means when the main blade rotates 1 cycle, while the tail blade rotates 3.2 cycles. Users are complaining that the tail is not stable and will yaw or drift when throttle up it is because the tail blades are not generating enough wind force under this low gear ratio. A 43 teeth belt pulley will increase the tail speed ratio to 1 to 4.3. This is a common ratio that using in many popular helicopters. With this new pulley, you will feel the tail of helicopter is more solid and locked.
100 gr.


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